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Forensic Case Review

FoCoSS Forensics can provide a critical technical review and an in-depth assessment of your case.  We will dissect a forensic file to determine if the proper procedures and protocols were followed, if the reported results are accurate and not overstated, if errors could have occurred, and if all possible examinations were properly conducted and/or completed.

We can also assist by reviewing transcripts from depositions, hearings and trials.
A complete and thorough review of all of the pertinent documents associated with a case are imperative to understand what has and has not been done in a particular case.  These documents may consist of:

  • Photographs and video from crime scene
  • Autopsy report(s)
  • Police, Emergency Services and Hospital reports
  • Statements of those  involved with case
  • List of all evidence associated with case
  • Crime Laboratory reports
  • All photographs from Crime Laboratory
  • Crime Laboratory examiner’s notes and supplemental paperwork
  • Internal and external chain-of-custody forms
  • Outline of court proceedings to date and associated paperwork

FoCoSS Forensics can review cases involving many different disciplines and sub-disciplines of forensic science.  We will closely scrutinize any examination or analysis in the areas of:

  • Firearms
  • Toolmarks
  • Crime Scene Processing
  • Gunshot Residue (GSR)
  • Primer Gunshot Residue (pGSR)
  • Distance Determination in Shooting Scenes
  • Physical / Fracture Match
  • Footwear Impressions
  • Tire Impressions
  • DNA
  • Drug Chemistry
  • Serial Number & VIN Restoration
  • Indented Writing Restoration
  • Glass Analysis
  • Fabric / Glove Impressions
  • Questionable Pattern Interpretation
  • Trace Evidence
  • Odometer and Speedometer
  • Scanning Electron Microscope/Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (SEM/EDS)