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bloodstain patterns

Bloodstain Patterns

When liquid blood leaves its source, it will attempt to obtain its most energy efficient state, a sphere.  The principles surrounding the physics of liquid blood in flight allow scientists to make determinations as to the mechanisms involved in the deposition of bloodstains.  Preserving and documenting bloodstains and their associated patterns is crucial to the analytical process.  Careful evaluation of the size, shape and distribution of bloodstains at crime scenes and on clothing will allow the analyst to select the most probative stains for serological and DNA testing.  Additionally, this evaluation can also assist the analyst in making conclusions regarding the deposition of the bloodstain patterns.

bloodstain patternsFoCoSS Forensics can perform scientific examinations in the area of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and Documentation.  Additionally, we can review cases involving this type of examination and the reported opinions based on the results.