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forensic case work

Forensic Case Work

FoCoSS Forensics possesses the necessary equipment and materials to conduct full scientific examination in the areas of Fingerprints, Firearms, Toolmarks, Serial Number Restoration, Gunshot Residue/Distance Determination, Blood Stain Pattern Analysis, Shooting Scene Reconstruction and Physical Fracture Match.  The experience we have gained by working in an ANAB ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory has engrained in us the standardized protocols for properly conducting examinations of physical evidence in forensic casework.  With FoCoSS Forensics, your case will include: evidence handling and integrity, transparent procedures and note taking, and sound, scientific results based on facts.

Rest assured, as professional forensic scientists we will provide you with quality examinations.  We have been competency and proficiency tested in various forensic disciplines.  We hold numerous professional certifications and are active members of several professional associations:

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