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The machining of certain firearm parts is what enables an examiner to identify discharged ammunition components to a particular firearm.  An examination of projectiles and cartridge cases involves comparing both class and individual characteristics. An identification cannot be made on class characteristic agreement only.

The discipline of Firearms Examinations encompasses a wide array of subcategories.  Not all firearms examiners are trained to do each subcategory, but we are at FoCoSS Forensics.

  • Firearm Function Testing
  • Comparison of Discharged Ammunition Components
  • Range of Shooting Distance Determination
  • Powder and Primer Gunshot Residue Examination
  • Shooting Scene Reconstruction
  • Bullet Trajectory
  • Cartridge Case Ejection Pattern Testing

FoCoSS Forensics can perform scientific examinations in this area or we can review cases involving this type of examination and the reported opinions based on the results.